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Welcome to the museum of crossnatural history

The museum curates a collection of objects that exists in between the realities of nature, technology and consumerism. A crossnatural world.

These objects are examples of a new evolving set of species that combine animalistic elements together with elements of our contemporary, anthropocene world. They show us the, sometimes unintended, consequences of how we organise our consumption and technology oriented society. Each creature tells his individual tale about fear, insecurity, joy, vulnerability. About the questions that arise in their connection with this crossnatural environment.

Abandon for example uses a lost piece of someone's holiday dreams.
Face me! mimicks (inverted) aspects of social media platforms combined with advertising.

The museum shows you all the known species and their habitats.

You can visit the museum at very irregular times during one of our open air exibitions. Or you can go and find hidden creatures yourself in Dordrecht.




Hidden creatures on Instagram

Broken things

Curator: Jasper Letschert

Other objects

An overview of other objects in the museum collection

Past shows of the museum:

23 - 25 september 2022

Groot Rotterdams atelierweekend - Studio KO

19 - 22 may 2022

Rotterdam Photo

2 - 3 october 2021

Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk - Studio KO

25 - 26 september 2021

Groot Rotterdams atelierweekend - Studio KO

10 september 2021

Animatie voor documentaire Het ware verhaal

18 december 2020 - 15 august 2021

I love Dordt - Dordrechts Museum